What is AweSun?

AweSun is a stable and reliable remote desktop solution.We offer remote work and remote gaming services.Now v2.0 version released, featuring up to 144 fps remote experience.

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As Buttery Smooth As 144 fps

Our brand-new encoding technolgy offers up to 144 fps screen performance.(both sides need to install AweSun v2.0 for Windows)

Smoothness, It's Not Gamers' Privilege

In our tests, AweSun v2.0 has better picture performance in both remote working and gaming environments. Higher frame rate and lower latency bring you smooth and fluid connections.

Frame rate

Improves by


Response speed

Improves by


* Actual performance will be affected by the environment and testing software

* To reach 144 fps picture, the controlled PC should be paired with 144hz monitor and graphic card supporting hardware encoding

Work From Home with Higher Productivity

Remotely access office computer from home.
Smooth and fluid connections ensure stable remote work experience.

Silky-smooth Remote Play

Reach up to 144 fps even when you're running AAA PC games.
High frame rate brings you a smooth gameplay experience.

Your Security Is Important to Us

  • Permission

    Detailed Permisson Control

    You can restricted the access control for parnters including control permission, clipboard syncing and file transfer. It helps protect the security of your devices.

  • File Transfer

    Trackable File Transfer History

    Display partner's browsing path when tranferring file via Device ID.Display file transfer history durign remote access, ensuring your data suecuty.

  • Security

    Secure Encryption Technology

    Equipped with RSA 2048 asymmetric key exchange encryption and 256-bit AES encryption, we provide you a safer and secure remote desktop connection.

More User-Friendly Interfaces

New semi-transparent menu design shows functions in visual and transparent ways, and simplifys user operation.

Turn on Your PC Remotely

We're releasing Smart Power Plug C2.
With it, you can remotely turn on and control your PC no matter where you are.

Coming soon

Visualized Diagnostic Information

Our dynamic algorithm can detect picture changes, and turn them into visualized data,providing fast and easy diagnostics of your remote control.

Frame rate:144fps

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