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AweSun User Guide

  • 1.The Introduction of AweSun

    AweSun is brand-new software which supports remote control and be controlled. AweSun provides free, easy, fast and secure remote access for all users, IT technicians, game players, designers, etc. It achieves remote assist, viewing device list, and other features within one software, completely ending the history of running two programs. Let the remote operation more convenient as if you were sitting right in front of remote devices.
  • 2.The Introduction of AweSun Features

    2.1 Remote Assist.

    Check the Device ID and Passcode, and share the Device ID with your partner to achieve remote assistance;

    Enter your partner's Device ID and Passcode to remote control his/her device.
    AweSun Remote Desktop Software

    2.2 Device List

    Click [Device List] to manage the devices under the account, login to AweSun account is required for management.
    1. Click [Log In] button at the top left corner and enter the email address and password to log in.
    You can sign up with your email account by clicking [Sign Up] button at the top left corner.
    AweSun Remote Desktop Software
    2. After logging in, click [Bind Now] to assign the device to the AweSun account, it can be remotely managed without your intervention (number of device occupied).
    AweSun Remote Desktop Software
    3. In [Device List], you can add devices and look at all devices under your AweSun account, as well as their online/offline status.
    Click your current computer, the detailed information of the computer will be indicated, such as Device Alias, Device ID, Note, and whether to start AweSun with system.
    AweSun Remote Desktop Software
    4. Click on the online device, you are able to see all actionable features such as desktop control, desktop viewing, remote camera, remote file, remote CMD, remote management, etc.
    Desktop: Click [Desktop] to verify the device, then remote device can be controlled
    View: Remote desktops can only be viewed, cannot be controlled
    Camera: View the camera screen of the remote device
    File: Supports files transformation between devices
    CMD: Open the CMD window of the controlled device to regulate the network
    AweSun Remote Desktop Software

    2.3 Add Devices

    Click [Add], download and install AweSun on the controlled device, login to the same AweSun account, then the controlled device is added to the account.
    AweSun Remote Desktop Software

    2.4 Screen Mirroring

    Support mirroring the mobile phone screen to the computer.
    Click [Screen Mirroring] > Open AweSun App on your phone > Open [Scan] which is located in the top left corner of [Me] interface, then the feature of screen mirroring can be achieved.
    AweSun Remote Desktop Software
  • 3. Menu

    Click [Menu] button in the upper right corner, there are feedback, options, update, lock, logout and quit etc.
    AweSun Remote Desktop Software
  • 4. Options

    Click [Options] in the upper right corner, there are [General], [Remote Control], [Network] settings options, which can be set according to the actual needs.
    AweSun Remote Desktop Software