Aweray Remote Smart Power Plug | C2-US

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Smart Plug C2

Remote Control Switch, access and control your pc anywhere,anytime via AweSun App.

Access a Remote Computer That's Turned Off

Easy remote turn-on and graceful shutdown to access unattended pc when you are away. Energy Monitoring and Schedule Timer Function Supported.

  • Use Android devices or iOS devices remote control pc

    Remote Work

    Remote turn on and control your pc.

  • remote pc game on Android devices or iOS devices

    Remote Play

    Remote play pc games on your mobile device.

  • remote control pc shutdown gracefully before losing

    Gracefully Shutdown

    Allow a shutdown sequence before switching off.Data loss and hardware fault prevention.

Remote pc monitoring of  computer energy

Energy Monitoring

Monitor the energy consumption of your device by day, week, and month. View and generate turn on/off logs on all your computers.

To set a daily schedule for remoting pc to sleep or turning it off and on

Power Schedule

Schedule your computer on/off. Start working when you arrive at the company, and help you stay productive.

Auto turn off night light or humidifier after sleep

Shutdown timer

Auto turn off your night light or humidifier after you sleep.

Technical Details

Use high temperature resistant materials to ensure safe and reliable work.

High temperature resistant materials to ensure safe and reliable work.


  • Product
  • Model
  • Rated Voltage
  • Rated Current
  • Wi-Fi Smart Plug
  • C2-US
  • 120V~
  • 15A
  • AC Frequency
  • Max. Power
  • Wireless Type
  • temperature limit of the control
  • 50/60Hz
  • Up to 1800W
  • 2.4GHz
  • - 10 to 40℃

Note: Do not use this product in any High-power electrical appliances, such as new energy vehicles.

Smart Plug Troubleshooting

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