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AweSun Help Center

  • Setting Options

    In the Me interface, tap icon to configure several settings of AweSun to facilitate your usage.

    My account: Log out, switch account, or add a new account.

    Device icon: Select the device icon you like.

    No-WiFi notification: A warm prompt, to notify you the network connection status when you are conducting some operations.

    Transfer via WiFI only: By turning this on, file transfer will only be done under WiFi, this option may help you avoid data overuse.

    For the middle part is the Me area, there are more extra options:

    My Downloads: Check the files you have downloaded from remote devices.

    About&Support: Find more about AweSun and get support from here.

    AweSun Tutorial: Get detailed instructions on how to use AweSun.

    GestOpt Guide:Learn to use the Virtual Mouse and Guide to use AweSun more efficiently on your Android.

    Feedback: You are always welcome to leave your comments on AweSun.

    System Logs: You can copy or send this to our technical staff to help with AweSun’s problems you have encountered.

    Rate AweSun: Go to Google Play Store to rate AweSun.