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AweSun Help Center

  • Getting Started with AweSun

    What is AweSun? How is it used?

    AweSun is a brand-new software which supports remote access and control. AweSun provides free, easy, fast and secure remote access for all users, IT technicians, game players, designers, etc.

    More about AweSun: https://www.aweray.com/help.

    How much does AweSun cost?

    AweSun offers powerful features for free, which allows up to three devices connection. The features include remote desktop and remote work solutions such as session recording, remote printing, blank screen, whiteboard, clipboard sharing, file transfer, etc. For mobile device support, AweSun allows remote CMD and remote game. You can always upgrade to experience advanced features. To choose the best AweSun solution for your needs, see https://www.aweray.com/price.

    AweSun prompts "Device number exceeded limit".

    1) Because the number of used devices has exceeded the number of purchased devices;

    2) Please upgrade the number of AweSun devices on our official website, and login to AweSun account again;

    3) You’re able to remove the device on AweSun software easily, and then login to AweSun account on the new device.