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AweSun Help Center

  • Remote Desktop Solution

    Remote access a computer via System password, it keeps prompting “Incorrect username or password”.

    1) Please make sure the “Windows system account” and “Windows system password” you input are the user name and password of your Windows computer.

    2) A more secure and convenient connection method via Independent password is recommended.

    ⦁ To do this, your computer must be bound to your current AweSun Account. 

    ⦁ After binding, go to Menu Bar > “ Options” > “Remote Control” > “Access Options”, set an independent password and then click “OK”.

    How to enable the sound during a running session?

    1) For PC to PC connection:

    On the PC of the control side, click the Menu Bar > “...” > “Sound”. To turn it off, click “Sound” again.

    2) For Mobile device to PC connection:

    On the mobile device of the control side, tap the Menu Bar > “Sound On”. To turn it off, tap “Sound Off”.

    During a running session, the desktop background automatically goes black.

    1) Go to the Menu Bar at the top right corner. Click on “Options”.

    2) Go to “Remote Control” > “Desktop Mode” and select “Entertainment”.

    3) Disconnect the current session and reconnect to the remote device.

    4) The background will then go back to normal.

    When remotely accessing a PC, I don’t want to input Windows System Account and Password every time, are there any other options?

    Other than using the combination of Windows System Account and Password, we do provide other two access options. You may adjust the settings within clicks.

    To do this, please make sure you Bind both of your local and remote devices to your current AweSun account.

    1) On the remote device, go to the Menu Bar at the top right corner. Click on “Options”.

    2) Go to “Remote Control” > “Access Options”.

    Option One:Easy Access Under Bound

    The easy access option enables you to build a connection between two devices (under the same AweSun account) with no need for password input or local confirmation.To do this, please bind the remote device to your current AweSun account and select “Easy Access Under Bound”.

    Option Two:Set Independent Password

    This option supports a secure unattended access without local confirmation. You are able to connect to a remote device via its Independent Password.

    To do this:

    1) Select the “Set independent password” option.

    2) Enter the password and confirm.

    3) Click “OK”.

    How to Configure macOS for AweSun Remote Access?

    Note: Applies for macOS Mojave and Catalina (10.14 and 10.15).

    AweSun may only receive sessions when Accessibility and Screen Recording (Catalina only) permissions are granted by the macOS system.

    AweSun requires permissions from macOS for remote input, disc access and screen recording. Please follow the steps below to set up AweSun for macOS correctly. These steps must be done locally on the remote computer itself, they cannot be done remotely or via the command line.

    1) On macOS, open “System Preferences” and click “Security & Privacy”.

    2) Switch to the “Privacy” tab and unlock “Security & Privacy” by clicking the lock button to make changes.

    3) Enter an administrator’s User Name and Password.

    4) Grant required permissions by adding AweSun and AweSun_Desktop to trusted apps in section “Accessibility” and adding AweSun to trusted apps in section “Full Disk Access” and “Screen Recording” (Catalina only).

    Note: Permission for Full Disk Access is optional, but required to use the File Transfer Feature.