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AweSun Help Center

  • Remote Printing

    AweSun allows you to print documents from remote computers directly on a locally accessible printer. You can conveniently print documents from remote computers on your own printer without the need to transfer files.

    Feature Activation

    To activate the remote printing function, follow these steps:

    1.On the remote computer, go to the Menu Bar > “Options”.

    2.In the Options window, go to “Remote Control” > “Remote Printing” and select the option “Enable”.

    3.A pop-up window will prompt you to install a driver before enabling remote printing. Click “Install”. The installation only has to be done once.

    After the installation, the remote printing is now successfully activated.

    Start Printing

    Now it’s ready to run a print job remotely, follow these steps:

    1.Open the document you would like to print on the remote computer.

    2.Open the Print dialog box.

    3.Select a printer that is available on the local computer.

    4.Start the print job.

    5.The document will be printed out on the selected printer at the local computer.