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AweSun Help Center

  • History

    This area allows you to access your previous connections quickly.


    • a.  The devices are displayed with different icons by two logic ways.

      The device bound by the current AweSun account.
      The device remote controlled by current AweSun account before.
    • b.  Two ways show the devices, the default way is the “card” form.

      • Tap to display the devices in the “list” form.
      • Tap back to the “card” form.

    • c.  The green or grey dot on each preview image shows connection status:
      Currently online (green), currently offline (grey).

    Manage the devices

    This area shows all the devices which have been linked before. You can manage them for convenience by long press the device. Pin one device on the top position or remove one device off the list.