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AweSun Help Center

  • Options

    Options allows you to set up the AweSun app for certain functionality. You can go to “Options” in two ways:

    • Click on the AweSun icon at the top of the screen and then click “Options”.

    • Open your AweSun app and click “AweSun” that is located next to the Apple menu and then click on “Preference Setting”. Here you can also check your current AweSun version by clicking on “About AweSun”.

    The Preference Setting includes three tabs: General, Remote Control, Network.

    1.General: In this tab, you are able to do the general settings at your preference:

    Start: Choose to start the AweSun app with your computer system or enable auto-login to your current AweSun account.

    Notification: Decide when you want to get notifications from the AweSun app.

    Appearance: Enable the AweSun mode you prefer.

    Language: Select the displayed language of AweSun.

    Update: Enable automatic update or choose to get notified when a new version is available.

    Screen Video: Check videos and screenshots.

    Logs: Check the log files of your AweSun app.

    2.Remote Control: In this tab, you are able to make personalized settings for remote connections. Bind your macOS computer to the current AweSun account and you will find multiple options are offered as shown below:

    Access Options: Decide your desired remote access option. Learn more about access options setup, click here.

    Passcode Refresh: Set up the passcode refresh frequency.

    Dual Authentication Access: Further enhance security by requiring manual permission when establishing a remote connection and locking the remote desktop after a session.

    Anti-disturb:Set up to block certain remote access requests. For more details on different anti-disturb options, click here.

    3.Network: In this tab, you are able to do the proxy setting. For manual proxy settings, information such as the proxy type, IP address and port are required.