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AweSun Help Center

  • Install AweSun

    To get access to advanced features and link a Professional or Game license to AweSun, you must first install AweSun on your device.

    Install AweSun on Windows

    To install AweSun on Windows, follow these steps:
    1.Run the .exe file that you have downloaded from our website aweray.com
    2.Decide on an installation type.
    3.Click “ Install Now ”. The installation will start automatically.

    4.If you want to run AweSun only once, select the option “Run Only”.

    5.After installation, you will be greeted by a welcome screen. Click “Enter Now”.

    6.The installed version of AweSun for Windows is now ready for use.

    Install AweSun on macOS

    If you would like to run AweSun on macOS, download the AweSun .dmg file from the AweSun website:https://sun.aweray.com/download/macos

    This file will then need to be mounted:
    1.Double-click on the .dmg file. This opens a mount dialog.
    2.Follow the installation steps until it is completed.

    You only need to perform this mount procedure once. After that, you will be able to launch AweSun from your program folder.

    Install AweSun on Mobile Devices

    If you would like to run AweSun on mobile devices, download the AweSun from the application store: Apple App Store for iOS and from Google Play Store for Android.

    Follow these steps:
    1.Open the Apple App Store app or Google Play Store app.
    2.Search for AweSun, and select it.
    3.Tap “Install” or “Get”.
    4.Wait until the installation is complete.

    You might need to sign in with your Google account or Apple ID and password.