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AweSun Help Center

  • About account security

    Validation of AweSun IDs

    Device IDs of AweSun are based on various hardware and software characteristics and are automatically generated by AweSun. The AweSun servers check the validity of these IDs before every connection.

    Passcode Protection

    For spontaneous customer support, AweSun allows you to change the account passcode conveniently. You can choose to Refresh or Customize your AweSun account passcode. If you tell your partner your ID and passcode, your computer is allowed to be remote controlled. After a restart of AweSun next time, a new passcode can be generated so that your partner can only connect to your computer if you invite them to do so. When deploying AweSun for unattended remote support (e.g. of servers), you set an individual, fixed passcode, which secures access to the computer.