Awesome Remote Access Enabler

Anytime and anywhere are possible with the right remote desktop solution.

AweSun Remote Desktop Software

AweRay is established with the vision-- empowering everyone with the tools they need to do great work and have great fun. AweSun, our unique remote control software, facilitates remote access to computers and mobile phone as if users were right in front of them. The software program has been downloaded by more than 120 million users worldwide.

We believe that the software enhances the creativity and productivity of its users. That’s why it’s our mission to build AweSun remote access solution that enable to accomplish great things - from wherever in the world they are.

Go even further, keep improving with AweRay.

To do this AweRay creates tech led teams which adapt to our clients’ needs and provide tailored products and solutions. Led by our highly skilled management team and staffed by a certified and trained consultants and technical team, AweRay provides IT support services for projects large and small and ongoing maintenance. Our team of trained and certified technicians hold decades of experience in the technology industry.

AweRay not only provides training to improve the team’s professional skill base but more importantly provides an active environment for the staff to gain confidence and flourish. We try to help all our staff to improve their work life balance and develop their own place within their community and family.

Seize opportunities, meet challenges.

Nowadays, our clients are facing significant disruptive changes. AweRay is meeting these challenges with highly talented people, an experienced hand, and an independent view of technology solutions that can help our clients seize new opportunities and thieve in change.