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AweSun Help Center

  • Support for Mobile Devices

    AweSun enables you to access and support a mobile world from anywhere, anytime. You will find it pretty quick and easy to offer cross-platform remote support through secure desktop-to-mobile or mobile-to-mobile connections.

    Remote Support for Android Devices

    AweSun allows you to remotely access and provide support to Android devices from your PC, iOS, or Android devices. You are able to remotely help your family, friends or clients with matters such as installing software, pushing settings, or troubleshooting mobile issues effectively.

    With AweSun, you can remote into Android devices over our secure connection, take control and perform tasks at hand like you are holding the remote phone in your hand.

    Learn how to remote support an Android device from a PC, see Control Mobile Device from PC.

    Learn how to remote support an Android device from a mobile device, see Mobile to Mobile Remote Control.

    Screen Sharing on iOS

    AweSun enables screen sharing on iOS. You can share your iOS device screen to your PC. Photos, videos, games, apps, documents on your iOS device can be displayed in real-time on your PC.

    This greatly facilitates remote support for iOS devices. You are able to check out anything on a remote iOS device on your PC without detailed explanations from the remote side.

    Learn how to share your iOS screen to other devices, see Remote Screen Sharing.