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Access work laptop and gaming computer from phone/pc from anywhere

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  • 210 million

    Devices Connected

  • 40 million

    Users’ Favorite

Two-Factor Authentication,
Encryption Technology to Secure Connection

With 256-bit AES encryption,we provide you a safer and secure remote desktop connection.

  • Remote Desktop

    The fast, stable, reliable and free remote computer access tool.
    AweSun, the free remote desktop software lets users remotely access, control and troubleshoot the computers from the phone, tablet, or another PC.

  • control computer from remote access
  • Remote Gaming

    Connect to games wherever you are. The seamless remote desktop software for gaming.

    • Exclusive Features

      Custom keyboard mapping.
      High frame rate, up to 144 fps remote desktop.

    • Gaming on the go

      Play PC games on your phone or computer from anywhere, anytime.

  • play games wherever you are with pc remote control
  • Screen Mirroring

    Share your phone screen to PC without limitation.

    • Cross-Platform

      Mirror Android, iPhone, iPad, Windows, or Mac devices to any other big screens.

    • Mirroring remote meeting screen

      Sharing your screen to other devices just as a screen mirroring app.

  • Share Mobile Screen Remotely and remote control without limitation
  • AweSun Solutions

    • Remote Working

      Anyplace can be your workplace. Remotely access and control a PC and start the efficient remote work.

    • Mobile Remote Support

    • Remote Gaming

    • Screen Mirroring

AweSun Solutions

  • Remote Working

  • Mobile Remote Support

  • Remote Gaming

  • Screen Mirroring

  • a software which can remote control desktop
  • About

    AweRay is established with the vision — empowering everyone with the tools they need to do great work and have great fun. AweSun, as a brand launched by AweRay, provides all-in-one remote desktop solutions, facilitating remote access to computers and mobile phones as if users were right in front of them.

    Until now, our software has connected 210 million devices and is favored by 30 million users.

Anna Delvey, Senior Application Engineer

"Fast and intuitive. Great for
connecting to my office desktop
from my phone and home PC."

Isaiah Alonzo, Tech Times

"Best app with premium
access to remote working and
remote gaming."

Herbert Sidney, IT Support Coordinator

"Very useful app for professionals
and greatly helped us during the

Tibby Rose, Marketing Coordinator

"AweSun does exactly
what we were looking for."

Ryan Riley, Technical Support Manager

"Thanks to AweSun,
remote working goes as
smooth as anyone hoped for."

Adam Davis, IT Security Specialist

"Simple, secure and effective
remote desktop software with
affordable plans."

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