It’s Here! AweSun for Windows 1.6 Available

News 2020-12-23

Fantastic news at the end of 2020: AweSun for Windows 1.6 is rolled out!


In June, AweSun for Windows 1.5 was officially released with added features and improved functionality, such as two-way audio, dual-authentication, and security lock, which brought our Windows users a brand-new experience and greater convenience. Now AweSun for Windows 1.6 is here! Let’s have a quick glance at the new enhancements:


The 1.6 version poses great emphasis on remote access security. An instruction is added to guide users to configure the passcode refresh method for greater security, as shown in the picture below.




When refreshed, a new passcode is generated automatically and the old passcode expires. People with the old passcode will not be able to access your device.


Configuring this could help reduce the risk that other people have frequent access to your devices, thus keeping your device and personal information safe. Open your AweSun app and set it up now!


Check out the step-by-step tutorial:AweSun Passcode Refresh.


The passcode refresh option, combined with other AweSun security settings, work together to give you the safest remote access experience possible.


Meanwhile, you have to increase security awareness when it comes to remote access or remote support. Be alert that scammers may try to misuse AweSun or any other remote desktop software to access your device and steal your private information or even money. You should never grant anyone you don’t trust access to your device and do not share confidential data like passwords, bank details with anyone.


Besides the security part, AweSun 1.6 for Windows also includes bug fixes and improvements, and your experience with AweSun will be further optimized. AweSun team is dedicated to offering you the best and safest remote access experience ever!


Get AweSun for Windows 1.6 now: