Instructions on Youtube anti-fraud videos

News 2023-02-23

An anti-fraud video on Youtube sparked heated discussions involving a clip of scammers using AweSun software for fraud. As soon as our company discovered the video, we established a special team to check and deal with it. The relevant information is as follows: ① Scammers pretended to be employees of VTB Bank, ② Induced users to download AweSun and other remote control software for screencasting ③ Stole the account and password of the VTB mobile software.

AweSun has permanently banned these AweSun accounts involved in the incident.

AweSun hopes to serve users within the legal scope. We strictly prohibit the use of AweSun to engage in illegal and criminal activities. We will find out and solve them together, permanently ban their accounts, and investigate their legal responsibilities.

At the same time, we also appeal to all users not to share verification codes, identification codes, and other information with strangers to prevent criminals' use.

We always attach importance to the service security of users, and we will also work with all users to jointly build an information security defense line!

Team AweSun February 20, 2023