Discovering Remote Desktop Features & Capabilities

Product 2022-02-14

In this post, We'll be covering Aweray Remote Features & Capabilities. While you may or may not familiar with the Aweray Remote, today I'll be covering why and how you can make the best use of our Free Remote Desktop in your environment.

1.Free Remote Desktop

Aweray Remote is a Free Remote Desktop Software which is primarily used to provide secure, remote desktop access, it can also be used for allowing end-users to access their data and files.

With the shift to remote working, more and more companies are relying on these types of service to provide their employees with all the tools they need. Aside from that, system administrators are more than familiar enough with jumping around from remote session to remote session to manage their servers.

2.Two-Way Audio

Smooth communication is crucial. When it comes to remote desktop support, effective communication will make remote support much more convenient and easier.

Aweray Remote enables two-way audio during a PC to PC connection. You can have a real-time audio call with the remote side during a running session. With this feature, IT professionals will have a better understanding of their clients’ needs; students will be able to have a real-time interaction with their teachers during remote learning; team members can realize a more productive online collaboration.

3.File Transfer

Using remote desktop software to transfer files among different devices is a widespread use case. If you have to work from home, then this feature is a must. Seamless file access and transfer could highly facilitate your remote working experience, thus helping you stay productive.

Aweray Remote offers you a cross-device file sharing solution between two ends. Transmission of digital files is supported from PC to PC, PC to mobile, and mobile to PC. It is worth noting that, during a PC to PC connection, you can easily transfer files between two PCs by selecting and dragging files between the local computer and the remote one. Copy & Paste function is also available.