AweSun Client v1.0.17 for Android Released!

News 2021-06-08

Great news on June.8th, 2021: AweSun Client v1.0.17 for Android finally released! (Download here)


Function Highlights


What’s New – AweSun Client for Android

By steady effort, the AweSun team rolled out several new enhancements of features for AweSun Client. The most exciting feature enables users to remotely control their mobiles (for Android 7.0 and above) without root required. Overall, the improved functionality assures better, more convenient and more secured mobile support for Android users. Let’s have a quick look now:


1. Ancillary Services

Previously, if users wanted to remotely control their mobiles instead of just viewing phone screens, they had to insert “root” (click here to learn about root) first. The process could be very complicated and painful for non-IT users due to technological hurdles and restrictions of Android system. Hopefully, now users can directly remote control their mobiles with no root required if the device system is Android 7.0 and above. In addition, users can flexibly choose whether to enable “Ancillary Services”or not for security concerns.

Click here to check instructions for “Ancillary Services”.


2. Process Protection Settings

To prevent accidental shutdown of AweSun caused by the background of mobiles, “Background Permission Settings” allows users to add AweSun to their phones’ white list for seamless connection. Additionally, “Background Pop-Up and Lock Screen”supports users to receive remote connection requests without being in the foreground.


3. Image Quality Settings

Users can choose among“Speed First”, “Balance First”or “Quality First according to their internet speed for smoother pictures.


4. Security Tip

A security tip is added to recommend users refresh “Passcode” more often to enhance the security of operations.


No matter is for teaching your parents to use mobile phones remotely or for connecting to your phones forgotten at home in office, AweSun Client is here to help!

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