AweSun v1.5 Launched

News 2021-06-22

AweSun v1.5 for iOS and Android launched! (Download here)


Feature Highlights


What’s New – AweSun v1.5

It is undoubtedly great news for game players who want to play PC games remotely. For Game version, there are 7 customized game keyboards designed for most popular games in 18 languages. Users can also customize their own keyboards the way they prefer. Here are the details:


1. Exclusive Game Keyboards

AweSun designed 7 game keyboards respectively for 7 most popular PC games of the time based on game scenarios.


2. Create Personal Keyboard

1) Key Combination

Users can create a new key by combining up to 10 usual keys.


2) Customized Keys’ Position, Size and Transparency

AweSun supports users to set key’s position, size and keyboard’s transparency according to their own needs.


3) Long Press

Users can lock a certain key to enable long press of the key via one click.


4) Customized Mouse and Direction Key

Users are able to customize their mouse and direction key in terms of size, function and position.


3. Internet Self-diagnosis

When internet gets blocked or lags occur, users can detect internet real-time speed, bandwidth and frame rate in this session for better solutions.


4. Supports 18 Languages

AweSun v1.5 supports 18 languages. The language will be in line with the phone system’s language automatically.


Couldn’t wait to enjoy the mentioned amazing features?

  • Click here to download AweSun v1.5 for iOS.

  • Click here to download AweSun v1.5 for Android.

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