Aweray Remote (Awesun) Smart Power Plug C2 Coming Soon

Product 2021-09-03

Aweray Remote (Awesun) Smart Power Plug C2 makes your home a smart home by starting out with the home-tech solution to remote control and integrate with non-smart home appliances. The final piece of the puzzle is incorporating remote access software and hardware. Now it's been complete, a new smart home journey awaits. Coming anytime soon.

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About Aweray Remote (Awesun)

Aweray Remote (Awesun), launched in 2019 in Bedok, Singapore, is established with the vision of empowering everyone to remote access, support, collaborate and eventually achieve their own success. Our remote desktop access software has been downloaded by over 30 million users worldwide and keeps expanding, as well as supports cross-platform remote access. Our mission at Aweray Remote (Awesun) is bridging the distance with unparalleled speed, platform-independence, and professional-grade encryption for every single user to accomplish their goals.

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