What is Aweray Remote? Is it SAFE for Remote Access?

Product 2021-12-10

Aweray Remote is a free multifunctional remote desktop app that allows users to remote access computers and mobile devices from the phone, tablet, or pc fast and securely.

It uses 2048-bit RSA and 256-bit AES encryption, that’s considered very reliable. Both ends cryptographically verified ensure remote access security. For enhanced protection settings, it includes the “app-locking password,” “passcode refresh after remote control,” and “two-factor authentication.”

If you and your team are searching for the best free remote desktop app, Aweray Remote is the one. This tool offers free services for personal users and business users. It supports most platforms and comes with some functions like clipboard sharing, file transfer, remote printing, blank host screen, etc.


  • Free to install and use for personal as well as commercial use.
  • Streams audio and supports functional copy-paste for Windows remote access
  • Scan dynamic QR code to login, share the screen with
  • Easy to set up screen sharing as well as remote assistance.
  • Manage saved session or connection details in one place.
  • Encrypted sessions using RSA and AES.
  • Practical functions include file transfer, remote print, clipboard sharing, chat, and blank host screen, etc..
  • Portal version supported
  • Costume access passcode
  • Paid plans for 144 fps remote desktop

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About Aweray Remote (Awesun)

Aweray Remote (Awesun), launched in 2019 in Bedok, Singapore, is established with the vision of empowering everyone to remote access, support, collaborate and eventually achieve their own success. Our remote desktop access software has been downloaded by over 30 million users worldwide and keeps expanding, as well as supports cross-platform remote access. Our mission at Aweray Remote (Awesun) is bridging the distance with unparalleled speed, platform-independence, and professional-grade encryption for every single user to accomplish their goals.

Explore more about Aweray Remote (Awesun), go to sun.aweray.com.