Aweray Remote (Awesun) v2.0, 144 FPS supported

News 2021-09-22

Aweray Remote (Awesun), the global technology-driven remote access and support solutions provider, offers secure remote access to a PC or phone from a desktop or mobile device. The supported operating platforms include Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android, etc.

Bedok, Singapore, Sep 15th, 2021 Aweray Remote (Awesun), the secure, high-performance and free remote control/access/support solutions provider releases v2.0, reaching up to 144 FPS for Aweray Remote Game subscribers.

“The future of work shifts to a hybrid work model”, said Joseph, CEO of AweRay Pte. Ltd, “We keep pushing the boundaries of connectivity to make these innovative updates possible for users to connect from anywhere.”

Aweray Remote (Awesun) functionality has expanded step by step, more than 210+ million devices have been connected as of now. This new release was instrumental for Aweray Remote (Awesun) in overcoming the remote gaming and work challenges in the market by enabling a secure and seamless experience on the desktop.

Features and functions of Aweray Remote include:

  • SeamlessProprietary protocol, using advanced compression algorithms, reaches up to 144 FPS visual performance for remote gaming and video editing.

  • Multifunctional – A wide range of remote desktop as well as remote work solutions: multi-concurrent sessions, remote support for mobile devices, session recording, remote printing, whiteboard, file transfer, blank screen, clipboard sharing and mirror screening etc. All these solutions are offered for FREE.

  • Efficient – Shortcut keys to increase productivity.

  • Safe – Multi-factor authentication, bank-level encryption, secured with end-to-end 2048-bit RSA and 256-bit AES encryption.

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About Aweray Remote (Awesun)

Aweray Remote (Awesun), launched in 2019 in Bedok, Singapore, is established with the vision of empowering everyone to remote access, support, collaborate and eventually achieve their own success. Our remote desktop access software has been downloaded by over 30 million users worldwide and keeps expanding, as well as supports cross-platform remote access. Our mission at Aweray Remote (Awesun) is bridging the distance with unparalleled speed, platform-independence, and professional-grade encryption for every single user to accomplish their goals.

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