The Best iPhone 13 Apps for Telecommuting 2021

Product 2021-12-02

If you work from home or are preparing to, these iPhone apps for remote work will help you stay motivated, focused and productive.

1. Zoom - Video Teleconferencing Software

Zoom is an online meeting software for video conferencing, internal communication, and webinars. Several features of Zoom are designed to hold online meetings with your coworkers or team members. If you meet with customers, it's easy set up one on one meetings. Schools adopt zoom for distance learning if any situation arises. Zoom now has been widely accepted across industries.

Platforms: Windows, Android, iOS, macOS

Pricing: Free, with optional Paid plans

2. Slack – Seamless Business Communication

Slack is a business communication platform and has become very popular these days. Users can start free in the first place so that teams of all sizes can join the session. You also are available to set up channels for projects and use shared channels across workspaces.

Platforms: Windows, Android, iOS, macOS, and the Web

Pricing: Free, with optional Paid plans

3. Aweray Remote - Free Remote Desktop Software

Aweray Remote is one of the best free remote desktop softwares for remote support, access & control. It offers several essential features to collaborate online with your team members, family, and friends. Aweray Remote is a widely used remote desktop app,being consistently reliable and fast. If there's any need for remote videos editing and playing AAA games, the 144 fps "game plan" for high frame rate remote access is your reliable, secure and inexpensive remote desktop tool among all the others. Aweray Remote offers their remote access services at no cost for all sizes of business and all types personal use,.

Platforms: iOS, macOS, Android, and Windows

Pricing: Free, with optional paid plans

Download Aweray Remote


That’s it! So, these are the most recommended** free remote work apps** for iPhone 13. In fact, remote work was already adopted in servel places and a lot of different industires way before the pandemic , but its demand surged when there was no other way out. We hope you find these apps helpful and don’t forget to hit the like button and let us know what we’ve missed on the list of best free telecommuting apps on Twitter and Reddit.

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